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"After the abortion I started drinking," writes Rachel, who was pressured to abort by her boyfriend when she was 17. "All through college, I drank, experimented with drugs, and ran from the pain. I was severely bulimic. About ten years later I sought counseling for my eating disorders... I was on the verge of suicide. It was at that time that I realized that the root of my problem was the abortion."*


If you have had an abortion you are not alone.

Some symptoms of post abortion trauma include:

  • feeling of intense grief or depression
  • anxiety attacks
  • recurrent and intrusive thoughts about the abortion
  • flashbacks to the abortion experience
  • withdrawal or estrangement from others
  • difficulty concentrating
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • suicidal thoughts or acts; and other self destructive tendencies
  • efforts to avoid activities, situations or people which remind them of the pregnancy or abortion
  • inability to maintain loving or trusting relationships
  • a sense of hopelessness or futility about the future

"At first I denied it and repressed it and tried to escape from it," writes Laura. "It was the family secret. I dove heavily into drugs and sex, and was constantly having pregnancy tests for fear that I was pregnant."*


Do you suffer in silence? Would you like to talk with someone who understands?

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*PAS Post Abortion Syndrome - Are you at risk? by David Reardon Ph.D pub. 1999. Dist. by Heritage House

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