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So You Think You Might Be Pregnant..

March 3rd 2015

Do you know for sure that you are, in fact, pregnant?

Do you have all of the information you need in order to make an INFORMED decision?

What are your choices?
Do you want to raise your baby?
Are you thinking about having an abortion?
Have you considered adoption?


Is someone pressuring you into a choice you’re not sure you want?
Do you feel like the people around you aren’t listening to you?
Are you afraid to tell your boyfriend or parents that you’re pregnant?


Do you have the support you need if you want to keep your baby? 
What are the risks of abortion? How does an adoption work?


You may have so many questions running through your mind without a lot of answers. We’re here at the Pregnancy Center to answer your questions.

Don’t jump into a decision.  Take some time to get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

The first question you need to have answered is, are you really pregnant? Most pregnancy tests are very reliable, but only a physician or other appropriate healthcare professional can confirm that you are pregnant.  At the Pregnancy Center in Plymouth we can give you a free pregnancy test and an ultra-sound which you will need - no matter what decision you make about your pregnancy. 

It’s important that you have an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy. A number of early pregnancies end on their own in miscarriage.[1]  An ultrasound can tell you if you’re pregnant and how far into the pregnancy you are.


All of our services are free.
Come in and let a Client Advocate help you answer the questions you have
and help you process your choices - without judgment.
Give us a call or come by.  We’re here for you and we are happy to help.


[1] U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services (2010, Sept 27) Stages of Pregnancy / Women’s


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